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Airbag Repairs Belfast

Watson Auto Electrics are able to repair and clear locked airbag modules (Airbag ECU) after the airbags have gone off as a result of an accident. Call Graham: 07851 982422

This means you can re-use your original airbag module like a new unit saving you a fortune because in the past you would have paid for the airbag to be replaced.

Airbag Repairs Belfast

Airbag Repairs Include

Resetting Your Airbag
Repair Airbag Module
Remove Error Codes & Crash Codes
Remove Stored Data

If you airbag is deployed or if your airbag light is flashing or constantly flashing on, Call Graham:  07851 982422 or visit us on Facebook.

M.O.T test centres require SRS (Airbag Lights) to be working in the correct fashion.  You will fail your MOT if you airbag lights come on and stays on or if it does not come on at all.

The airbag light should come on and go of showing the car is doing the correct diagnostic tests ensuring the system is fully working.  If not contact us for airbag repairs.

07851 982442

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