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Car Air Conditioning Belfast – Servicing & Repair

Car Air Conditioning Belfast

Is your car getting a bit to warm? Are your car windows always steaming up? To hot? No Air? Your cars air conditioning could need repaired. You need Watson Auto Electrics, Car Air Conditioning Specialist based in Belfast

Car Air Conditioning Recharge and leak test £40

Car Air Conditioning Recharge with refresh plus antibacterial solution £50

At Watson Auto Electrics I have a well equipped workshop so I can specialise in car air conditioning repairs and leak diagnosis.  I offer a complete car air conditioning recharge and general service for all car makes and models.

  • Any vehicle – all Aircon faults repaired
  • Competitive prices
  • Full inspection and leakage check
  • Check all system pressures
  • Check vent temperatures

Car air conditioning should be serviced every year by a specialist.  Car aircon servicing keeps your aircon working properly by keeping the refrigerant levels adequate.  This also includes cleaning the car air conditioning system to maintain fresh icy cold air output.

Car dealerships will charge you a right few quid for this service, but Watson Auto Electrics will service your car air conditioning at a competitive price.

Watson Auto Electrics will offer the following car aircon services:

Air Con Health Check

I your Car Air Con is leaking it must be fixed.  I will check for leaks and your refrigerant levels to see if they need to be topped up for optimal performance.  Regularly checking your car air conditioning is worthwhile,  because if problems are detected early on it will save you a money down the line if you need more work completed.

Air Con Recharge / Re-gas

I will check your car air conditioning levels and top up the refrigerant for you as part of our air con recharge service.

Air Con Cleaning

Kill bacteria and fungus that may breed in your car aircon system. This will create bad smells that are dangerous to you and your passengers. Ask us for a full anti bacterial clean. Enjoy fresh air from a clean car air conditioner.

For Car Air Conditioning Serving in Belfast contact Graham:  07851 982422 or visit us on Facebook

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