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Vehicles today have a system that manages the charge rate of the alternator.

An alternator is a simple component containing only a couple of parts, but it plays a big role in any cars operation. The alternator is basically designed to keep the car battery fully charged. Providing power to start the car and supplies power to accessories, for examples the headlights and audio systems. An alternator problem can cause trouble ranging from slow starts and can lead up to a dead car.

For starter and alternator repairs in Belfast contact Graham on 07851 982422.

We repair alternators on all makes of Cars, Vans, Trucks, Caravans, Motorbikes and trailers.

Symptoms for alternator repairs can include:

  • A flat battery
  • The alternator light is on, even when the vehicle is running
  • Your vehicle refuses to start, even after being run
  • Your windscreen wipers appear to be slowing down when in use
  • Your vehicle loses power when driving

We can repair and also supply fully recondition alternators and starters to the manufacturer’s specification.

However we recommend repairing your original parts as generally they are better quality and more reliable than some aftermarket options.

We have over 13 years experience in providing a professional and reliable alternator repair service that will ensure that any alternator faults are correctly diagnosed and repaired to a high service.

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Starter / Alternator - Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do if my alternator light comes on?

An activated alternator or battery light means more electricity is being used than is being replaced. But do not worry just turn off any electrical consuming devices and drive until you reach a auto-spark.   You should try not to turn the car off as starting it again is heavy on electricity.

Warning! If the temperature light comes on at the same time the alternator light is on (or simply by itself), stop the car as soon as you can. The same belt that drives the alternator often drives the water pump. If the water pump stops working, it won’t be long before the engine overheats and its internal parts melt. The result will be major damage and expensive repairs.

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