Car Key Cutting & Programming Belfast


Watson Auto Electrics offer a professional Car Key Cutting and Programming service in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We provide transponder key programming, transponder car keys and chipped keys.  Furthermore, we can also duplicate most micro-chipped car keys.


Our car key cutting & programming services include:

  • Micro-Chipped Car Keys Programmed
  • Transporder Car Key Cutting
  • Lost Car Keys Deactivated
  • Damaged Keys Repaired


Cars today now have coded immobiliser systems and the ignition key contains a chip with a unique electronic code that matches a code in the engine management system.  The code is checked every time before the car is started. If the codes do not match then the car will not start. If the car keys are lost the owner is faced with a major and expensive problem. Make sure you have a SPARE KEY, because if the ONLY key is lost then in some cases the entire Engine management system will have to be changed.


With over 20 years experience we provide a professional and reliable car key cutting and programming service

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Car Key Cutting & Programming - Frequently Asked Questions

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