Hands Free Kits Supplied & Fitted in Belfast

Watson Auto Electrics supply and fit hands free phone kits at very competitive prices from just £120.

For more information on hands free kits Call Graham:  07851 982422

We supply and Bluetooth installations to all makes of Cars

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  • Mobile Phone hands free kits
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Parrot Bluetooth Kits - Supplied & Fitted

Watson Auto Electrics supply and professionally fit Parrot Bluetooth kits.
Stay legal with Parrot Bluetooth. Parrot is a the best known Bluetooth Handsfree option on the market today. We provide a friendly cost effective service to find exactly what you need. Providing you with the best solutions for your needs.

Parrot Hands Free Kits

Avoid Penalties - Install a Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

It is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving without a hands free system. The PSNI are clamping down on offenders in the interest of accident prevention. If you are caught using your mobile illegally when driving, you will face a minimum penalty of three points on your licence and a £70 fine.

Hands Free Kits Belfast

With over 13 years experience in dealing with the installation of bluetooth equipment and hands free kits. Please bear in mind that the product you buy is only as good as the quality of the installer.

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How do bluetooth hands free car kits work?

When your kit is installed, it will pair with your smartphone.  When you accept the signal there is a connection established between your kit and your phone.

After the pairing process is complete every-time you enter your vehicle your devices will automatically connect.

Can 2 phones be paired with the kit?

Yes that is not a problem but you can only use one phone at a time.

Is the kit compatible with my phone?

If you would like to find out which kits are compatible with your phone please visit the parrot website, here.  Choose your preferred hands free kit or phone and run the compatibility check.

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